A hoax project...

‘The destroyed city’ in Rotterdam is a famous statue by the artist Ossip Zadkine, which he made inspired by the bombed city centre of Rotterdam during the Second World War. When Zadkine arrived in Rotterdam after the war nothing was left of the city centre. Nowadays young people show less intrest for what happened in the Second World War and Rotterdam has a modern new city centre, it was time to give ‘The destroyed city’ a heart again.

Besides that a redesign of ‘plein 1940’ (the square on which ‘the destroyed city’ stands), would be needed as it’s an empty square now, not of any intrest to visit or relax. It would than be a more intresting place for young people to hang around and in that way be confronted with the statue and it’s meaning.

“...TV debate
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This hoax project needed to get as much media attention as possible, the project ended up getting attention in the newspapers as the Algemeen Dagblad (AD) and Rotterdam Dagblad. A radio interview with Radio Rijnmond (local radiostation of Rotterdam) and a TV debate including the mayor of Rotterdam for TV Rijnmond (Rotterdams local TV station).





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